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However, your perfect ways at work will leave them awestruck. Your personal equations will be least affected by your stern ways, says Ganesha. Do not let success go to your head. Money will flow in from various quarters today, but it will also find its way out of your pockets. Keep a tab on your income and more on your expenses, says Ganesha.

February Monthly Horoscope

The situation at work may get a little trying, but you will overcome all problems by means of your innate and acquired skills, and past experience. You may have to slog hard for a while, but it is all a matter of time; your efforts will pay off in the long run. It is time to make an addition in your possessions. Book your dream house or buy a vehicle, as today is a favourable day to do so. You, however, need to consider your financial resources before deciding anything because it will take a major chunk out of your savings, warns Ganesha.

A major change is on the cards for you. A good day for those looking for romantic liaisons, says Ganesha. You will seek the company of your sweetheart to fight feelings of solitude and boredom today. Those who are single ought to strike gold, considering how Lady Luck will be grinning at the efforts you make to win over your love.

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Every day comes with new challenges and obstacles but knowing what your future holds is always an advantage. Check out what is in store for your zodiac sign and be prepared for February 2.

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Complete your TV viewing experience with the best of Hollywood entertainment channels. Impact of gambling on Goddess Lakshmi Dr. Google secretly gathering health data of Americans: Report. Ranbir meets and greets his fans on Guru Nanak Jayanti. We will see that those born on the 2nd of February feel like a follow-up most of the time, as if they always had to come in second, and this can make them excellent sportsman if they derive the strength out of frustration, challenging number one to take over the rule.

Still, more often than not they follow others trying to summon things they need in life. Emotions will distract them and distance them from plans they made. The Sabian symbol for Aquarius representatives born on February 2nd of a leap year and two years preceding it:. The Sabian symbol for Aquarius representatives born on February 2nd of a year following a leap year:. This date seems to be all about the darkness within, and all things that need to be dug up and found underground. Although the sign of Aquarius is always connected to all sorts of heights and flight itself, in order for these individuals to fly, they must face their underworld, their shadows and their demons, and find the light at the end of their tunnel of emotional transformation.

One of the most important things to keep in mind here, is that only pressure can make a diamond. Nothing comes easy to those born on 2nd of February, for their goal is to make amends and heal family bonds that left their mark through generations and generations preceding them. Their purpose is to bring balance into the entire family tree, and every time they fail to do so, destiny will warn them that they have strayed from their righteous path.

The river of ancestors is calling and this isn't a call someone can avoid or turn their head from.

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They seem to have chosen this incarnation to learn about intimacy, closeness, and personal boundaries, and they will almost always be in some way broken and endangered at a young age. Manipulation and emotional blackmail are possible to color their lives until they learn to break free and assign responsibility to those responsible.

It is obvious from their planetary row that people born on the 2nd of February carry the story of love inside their hearts. Colors of emotional closeness will overwhelm them, and they will often end up in romantic bonds that are never to lead to actual physical touch, because of too many different obstacles standing in their way. In order to protect their hearts from pain, many will choose partners who are already involved with someone else, or even married.

If their moral compass strong, they will simply choose those who don't want to be romantically involved with them, bruising their ego and senses badly. Cultural, religious, and age differences will drive them into love, and it will take a lot of time and experience to find balance between all they are willing to give, and what is given to them.

We slightly reinterpret this system here by supplying Western constellation names. The rules are based on two principles concerned with Buddhist holiday A:sa:lahabu:cha: 5. The Rains Retreat is to begin i on the first day after the Full Moon of the lunar month of [a:sa:t] and ii when the moon is located in the constellation of Sagittarius, somewhat widely defined.

This is equivalent to [roe:k] 20 to 22 as in 4. To determine whether a given year is normal or requires extra intercalary months or days, first the position of the Full Moon of the 8 th lunar month is calculated or determined from ephemeris tables. For a normal year, on the day after the 8 th Full Moon, the moon needs to be in [roe:k] 20 to 22 i. If this is the case, the year is declared normal, with twelve lunar months of 29 and 30 days, alternating. However, if on the specified day after the Full Moon, the moon has not yet reached [roe:k] 20, i. This extra day effectively allows the moon to progress and be relocated in [roe:k] 20 on the day of beginning the Rains Retreat, as the rule specifies.

This would entail the astronomical Full Moon occurring somewhat earlier than usual in the waxing sequence, as the particular 8 th month would begin somewhat later. The festival A:sa:lahabu:cha: is then held on the Full Moon day of this second 8 th month and the beginning the Rains Retreat is then be set at the day after, in which the moon would be in Sagittarius as specified. A different [suriyaya:t] method was used to determine intercalary months in royal courts of former times Prasert Na Nagara The phase of the moon at the change of the Chulasakarat year at the Songkran festival was determined.

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If this was New Moon plus or minus five or six? Otherwise the year was normal, although [athikawa:n] days seem to have been occasionally added according to procedures not well understood.

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See also Eade, , ch. A final complication: as noted above, traditional Thai practice added solar leap-year days, referred to as [athikasurathin], as well as lunar-based [athikawa:n] days. Exactly how these two sorts of added extra days worked together in practice requires further study. Traditional Thai beliefs include the preference for even-numbered months for weddings.

A well-known manual of royal ceremonies for each of the twelve lunar months was written by King Chulalongkorn. The period of the planet Jupiter is nearly 12 years and that of Saturn nearly 30 years. The two planets thus come into a close cyclical alignment every 60 years. Note also that the sunspot cycle is between 11 and 12 years, with some alleged effects on weather patterns. As in the early Chinese practice, the Proto-Tais appear to have used the same item cycle shown in 3. The year-counting use of the Tai form of the cycle is widespread throughout the family Li, It is especially common in Northern Thai and Northeastern or Lao inscriptions.

Gedney has documented the series in Saek and in other Tai languages of the Northern branch—which show some extra complexity in terms of alternate forms. In Sukhothai sources and in those to the south the Tai forms were abandoned in favour of corresponding Austroasiatic and Indic terms, including a Austroasiatic version of the twelve calendrical animals, as in 7. When Tais came into contact with Indic dating system as used by Mons and Khmers these systems were readily adopted.


However, to the north, at least, the tendency was to specify Tai years in the item as well as Indic era. The year animal cycle is important for Thai people as a way of measuring off periods of a life span; hence important transition points. Other folk beliefs relate to relations among spouses or lovers. Spouses born in Rat and Pig years will get along well, in peace and prosperity; Rat and Horse, less peaceful, but ultimate cooperation in bringing up the family. Yet another set of beliefs relates to climate, and may have regional manifestations. For rural Southern Thais, the Dragon years are likely to be very wet.

The first of the Indic eras to be used in Tai inscriptions was Mahasakarat, which had been in regular use for centuries in Old Khmer inscriptions. In use slightly later was Chulasakarat, starting in AD, apparently invented on abstract theoretical principles centuries after the date itself on the initiative of Mon or Burmese astrologers. This era gained in clerical and administrative popularity until it became the standard from Ayudhyan times to the reign of King Chulalongkorn; it lingers on in special ceremonial uses.

It could be argued that the Tais of Ayudhya did not totally abandon the Tai year cycle but rather recast it into in Austroasiatic-Indic form.