Lunar eclipse march 14 2020 astrology cancer

Virgo : romance, creativity and kids.

Every Important Astrological Event and Date You Need to Know in 12222

Libra : at home and with family. Scorpio : the way you express yourself and re negative thoughts.

Sagittarius : money. Capricorn : your whole life! Aquarius : your fears. Pisces : friendships. This one echoes the March 9 Super Moon. Again, this has no special significance BUT it sounds cool cue endless Facebook memes! Super Full Moons are bigger and brighter, but did you know that you can't actually see the New Moon for various science-y reasons? You can't.

That's a bit why the New Moon has traditionally be used by witches and wizards to send their intentions and wishes out in to the Universe. Its when the veil between the worlds is said to be thinnest. If you don't make some magic at this Full Moon, even if it's just writing your New Moon Wish List , you're missing out!

In other words, October is a month when we need to have a really good think about what is no longer viable, working for us, or useful. It's a great month to declutter your life literally and metaphorically — the releasing energy is strong! Remember, when you let go of what no longer sparks joy, you open the way for something that does! This Super New Moon is an awesome one to make wishes related to work under.

That's because it's making a harmonious alignment to the planet of hard work and long-term success, Saturn. So even though it's the end of the year and you might have your mind more on the upcoming holidays and festivities, take a moment on November 15 to list your professional goals for It's the last Full Moon eclipse of the year and it's taking place in the sign of Gemini.

Gemini is the sign associated with the mind, with thinking and talking and expression of all kinds. Without Gemini, there would be no talking and no exchange of ideas — or much, much less.

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The Full Moon is always about moving on. Eclipses are intense. Put all this together and you have a super-powered chance to change the way you're thinking now, as the year ends. Sorry, this was a lot. I just felt compelled to share. As it seems we are both looking for the same thing. I think you are on the write path.

Mercury enters Sagittarius

The tone of your comment feels as if you are embracing the change very nicely. Divorce and an empty nest can be challenging but it seems you see the beauty in it. I wish you well as you create your new life. Enjoy every facet of your new independence! I know you will. April thank you for your reply here, I so understood what you said here about sacrificing your needs and wants for others. Oh boy did I resonate with that. Using my Mother as a crutch not to go travelling, as I have the North Node in my 9th house. When you said you had lost some of the best parts of yourself over the years, I recognised that in me too.

This seemed to set off a series of injuries that still linger and within a few yrs I was acquiring knowledge about self-healing. Thank you for all your work. I always learn something new from your reports and look forward to them. What about having the Lunar Nodes in my personal charts? I have them completely opposite to what is going on with the transit: NN in early Cap 1st hse and SN in early Cancer 7th hse. Will they be triggered? This should be a very interesting time coming up for me.

North Node In Cancer How It Will Affect You -

The last time we were in this transit Apr 10, to Oct 31, , it was an extremely difficult time in my life. Someone came into my life to help me, and for that I am eternally grateful, but the difficulties I faced is something I do not ever wish to repeat. Are you able to clarify how this transit relates to past transits? Or is that answer contained in the article and I missed it? With time, we learn to work with the energy of a particular transit.

Is this mean that these two years are crucial for me to get me align with my life purpose and i need to do self care.

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  • Great article…now i am realizing that why i am so workaholic and why i am always called to work on my emotions. Really enjoyed this article. Thank you.

    Partial Solar Eclipse of January 06

    North node in Capricorn, south node in Cancer? Any insight or suggestions are much appreciated. Thank you! Wonder what will happen this time. I have reverse nodal return. Thanks for the heads up!!

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    Excellent article! The July 16th Eclipse is a direct hit on my Moon! The December 25th Eclipse is minutes away from my natal Jupiter and than the January 10th Eclipse is opposite my natal Saturn. And to top it all off, Pluto is 2 degrees away from a conjunction on my Moon. Mom, who passed in , her birthday is Jul 15th. Extended family only recently purchased a stone to mark her grave. They shared the information with me on Memorial Day. I moved for work in and am for the most part estranged from these family members.

    I have been in a quiet phase of reflection about who I was and how I acted in the past and hope and pray that the next few years get better. So, what if your natal nodes are the opposite? What does this time hold for me then? What if my sun and Ascendant are in cancer? Would that affect us? And how? Please, explain! Am a Pisces man having North node in cancer and South node in Capricorn.

    Below are excerpts from my forthcoming book Your Astrology for a New Beginning, which will be for sale early December.