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The Times of India has been criticized for being the first to institutionalize the practice of paid news in India, where politicians, businessmen, corporations and celebrities can pay the newspaper and its journalists would carry the desired news for the payer. According to this practice, a payment plan assures a news feature and ensures positive coverage to the payer. The "paid news" and "private treaties" practice started by The Times of India has since been adopted by The Hindustan Times group, the India Today group, the Outlook group, and other major media groups in India including Indian television channels.

The "paid news" and "private treaties" blur the lines between content and advertising, with the favorable coverage written by the staff reporters on the payroll of The Times of India. Under an ad sales initiative called Medianet, if a large company or Bollywood studio sponsored a news-worthy event, the event would be covered by the Times of India but the name of the company or studio that sponsored it will not be mentioned in the paper unless they paid the Times of India for advertising. In , a report by a subcommittee of India's Press Council found that Medianet's paid news strategy had spread to a large number of newspapers and more than five hundred television channels.

The Hoot , a media criticism website, has pointed out that when an elevator in a 19 storey luxury apartment complex in Bangalore crashed killing two workers and injuring seven, all the English language and Kannada language newspapers with the exception of the Times of India called out the name of the construction company, Sobha Developers, which was a private-treaty partner. An article titled "reaping gold through bt cotton," which first appeared in the Nagpur edition of the Times of India in , reappeared unchanged in , this time with a small print alert that the article was a "marketing feature".

In both cases, the article was factually incorrect and made false claims about the success of Monsanto 's genetically modified cotton. Vineet Jain , Managing Director of B. There have been claims that The Times of India would strike deals with advertisers only if they removed their advertisements from other competitor newspapers. The Times of India is also embroiled in an active lawsuit against the Financial Times. In , when the Hindustan Times was the top-selling paper in New Delhi, the Times of India slashed their prices by a third, to one and a half rupees after having built up their ads sales force in preparation for the price drop to make up for the lost circulation revenue.

By , the Hindustan Times had dropped to second place in Delhi. The Times of India took a similar strategy in Bangalore where they dropped the price to one rupee despite protests from Siddharth Varadarajan , one of the editors of the newspaper at the time, who called the strategy "predatory pricing". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Indian English-language daily newspaper.

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Media of India List of newspapers. Last but not least, connecting with this powerful energy, like 10 million suns combined into one being, will also help us to overcome the biggest enemy and creator of fear, ignorance. Why is this Buddha efficient? NAMGYALMA Those born with this incredible, forceful female energy as their Birth Buddha are blessed to be protected from the six realms of samsara and the three dimensional existences which are represented by her nine eyes.

Being born under this Birth Buddha may, for some people, represent that at times they may have a very tumultuous life.

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It would be especially beneficial for this person to visit temples and places that honour Tara, or are associated with her. Any rites, mantras, yogas and meditations associated with Manjushri will be especially effective for them. The Operator and author s of TsemRinpoche.

Please support us so that we can continue to bring you more Dharma:. Bilent on Nov 6, at am. Regards Bilent. Good question, yes is there any mantra that can neutralize bad day and bad year. Please answer la. Highly Respected H.

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Kindly reply me as soon as possible la Rinpocho Your help will be highly appreciated la. Kindly write back ASAP. Dear Bikram, You can start doing Dorje Shugden practice to help you remove your obstacles and fulfil your wishes. Regards, Yee Yin. Hello rimpochee… With my heavy heart and soul…recently son of 2yrs 9mnths pass away…so if rimpochee could kindly track his rebirth place and his birth parents..

Yours sincerely, Yee Yin.

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Interesting, but we each create our own reality, our point of power, is the present moment. Your Holiness I was born to hindu parents residing in a Buddhist country. Thank you, Yee Yin. Will i get married by the end of june this year. Dear Master chin tan. Hi Kunga Nyandak, As far as I know, the website does not have fortune reading service. Hi la rimpochee…why kids below 8yrs are not allowed to burn according to bhutanese belive…. Hello Dema, I am always curious about other culture and tradition.

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Hi, I would like to know about my future more. Can u predict a out my future. Pastor Shin Tan on Feb 8, at am. Very interesting. You can choose from and print out more Four-Armed Chenrezig pictures in the links below for free, high resolution: 1. Thank you, Regards, Nitin. Pastor Shin Tan on Feb 9, at pm. Hi Nitin, Below are images of: 1.

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Namgyalma 2 You can find more pictures of various Buddhas on these pages: 1. How do I know my lucky number as per my sign. Hi Wangmo, We do not have information regarding dreams of animals on the blog. Om Danny. I was born January 11th of 7 58 p. Dear Daniel, Thank you for your very interesting questions. Dear Nirmala, Thank you for your enquiries. I was born on 17 December Dear Choten Zangmo, Thank you for your comment. Dear rinzila, Your mewa number 9 has given you a clear indication of the practice you should do in order to work through your stress and obstacles.

Namaste guru!! Dear Indra tamang, According to the result you have found through Tibetan Astrology, you should do the Manjushri practice daily to help overcome any of your problems, specifically obstacles you may encounter in serving your educational purpose and positive developments.

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I am confused which is my Birth Buddha. Hi I passed my high school a year ago and I lost a year trying to get into a university. Hi Shikshya, Sorry to hear about your situation. Hi Henena, Perhaps this talk by H.

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Lalita tamang on Feb 8, at am. Thank you so much! Having read your article on how traditional marriage process works in Tibet, plus Tibetan astrology, I wondered might you know of a match maker? I m from very remote village of ladakh India. It is very helpful..

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Thank you rinpoche. Pastor Shin Tan on Sep 18, at am. Dear Martin Yeoh, The purification of karma is indeed a very powerful transformational tool. Dear Pastor Niral, thank you for your advice. Pls tell me about ma luv life n shall i marry with hm. Dear Neetusunar, At the moment we do not have a compatibility application for this Tibetan Astrology section, however there is a compatibility section on the Chinese Zodiac section. Excellent reading n advice Om Mani Padme Hum.

Thank you for the reading It was very Inspiring. Thank you so much. Pritam chatterjee on May 12, at am. Thank you…may all be blessed with positive energy. Dear Sir I wish to learn kriya yoga or a similar method to overcome my negative karma can you please guide me as to where I can get deeksha.